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Apartment Building

Single-Tenant Industrial

We have the most experience with single-tenant industrial units. With our current businesses, we have a unique need to have significant parking (not usually available in shared industrial), as well as higher than average office-to-warehouse space.

Multi-Unit Residential

Our group has some single family residential experience from flipping, developing and renting. We have some concepts and ideas for multi-unit residential (apartments, townhomes, etc).

Empty Factory

Small / Medium Office & Flex Space

With our unique portfolio of businesses and connections within the technology industry, we are interested in small-medium office and flex space opportunities.

Multi-Unit Industrial

We have yet to invest in a multi-unit industrial space but one of our portfolio companies is looking for an expansion opportunity, ideally to own and create some passive income off a multi-tenant opportunity. Reach out if you have a good opportunity!

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