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The Vision

GR Venture Capital will be Grand Rapids' locally owned investment company that provides opportunity, experience, leadership and growth to small-to-medium technology, manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies. Our goal is to make investments in five or more locally-owned businesses by the year 2025.

Core Focus


Our core focus for GRVC is to find a distribution business to invest in or acquire and use our experience and infrastructure to modernize and grow the business. Ideally we can find a lifestyle business that has good cashflow, while the owner is looking to exit or bring in a group to help insert new technology, sales/marketing and a hungry team to scale the business. 

Real Estate

Although we do not have a large real estate portfolio, the current set of properties has been a good indication of our prowess within the space. We are always looking for industrial and office space that is synergistic with our portfolio's goals. Our group focuses on buying older commercial properties and bringing them to marketable conditions via the DevelopGR brand.


We are also targeting small to medium technology companies that we can bring our synergistic group of development and IT specialists to help grow and scale the business. Although we want to invest in a company with some cashflow, we will also be looking at start-ups within the technology sector as we bring more value than just capital to the table. 


Due to our highly intensive background in high-touch processing and experience with direct product manufacturing, we are excited to look at West Michigan premier production companies under $1mm EBITDA. These companies ideally are in plastic injection molding, high-touch processing / value-add, and niche product manufacturing. 

What we bring to the table...

The team at Grand Rapids Venture Capital focuses on acquiring businesses that fit our profile. Ideally these businesses can benefit from a new technology upgrade, sales and marketing assistance and resources to push them to the next level. Our team is experienced in software and human process automation, implementing a proven sales and marketing (digital and traditional) system and overall strategic vision. If your company is in start-up mode or is looking to leave it in energetic and experienced hands, give GRVC a call!

Retiring or starting a new venture?

We want to see generational business live and thrive in Grand Rapids. If you are at a stage in your career where retirement is an option, but want to watch the business you have built continue to succeed, give GRVC a call! We are flexible and excited to hear your story and see if we can provide value.

Time for a technology upgrade?

If your business has been around for sometime and successful but hasn't kept up with the ever-changing technology, we can help. With our internal infrastructure and experience in the software and technology space, we are looking to bring this knowledge to your business.

Need more capital? More Resources?

In addition to acquiring stable legacy businesses, we are excited to discuss what GRVC can do with business owners that are looking to grow but need more resources. We aim to provide more than capital, through our team and network, and would love to discuss your growth plans!

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