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GRVC Acquires Local Delivery Business

GR Venture Capital has acquired locally owned delivery business, Professional Courier Services (PCS), as of May 1, 2021. Cathy Smith has owned and operated PCS (124 Lyon St. Grand Rapids for over thirty years and has decided to retire and transition the business to another local entrepreneur, Steven Barnes. Steve Barnes is one of the three co-founders of local wireless organizations: Genius Phone Repair (now sold), Mobile Defenders, Tech Defenders and Podsix. Although Steve still holds interests in the aforementioned companies, he created GR Venture Capital (GRVC) during the pandemic to find new opportunities to invest in.

After many months of pandemic related uncertainty and looking at over a hundred businesses, GRVC acquired PCS in hopes to carry on the legacy of Cathy’s amazing business. PCS has been known for providing best-in-class service and reputable delivery. GRVC wants to focus on learning the business and developing innovative technology and marketing strategies to grow the company moving forward. Our core values will still remain intact, while focusing on further developing an already reputable solution for W. Michigan companies that need quality delivery solutions.

In addition to the courier business, GRVC and PCS is also adding a last-mile warehouse space near the airport to offer more logistics services, including warehousing and fulfillment, 3PL, last-mile delivery and a full range of transportation options to its customers. With these developments, we hope to increase the range of customers we can service to include larger packages and white-glove solutions. As in most cases, we are always looking for potential drivers and filling necessary positions accordingly. Please check out our postings on Indeed. We look forward to continuing serving the West Michigan area for years to come.

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